A dumb lesson three generations in the making

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When I was a kid my mom let me take a necklace of hers to school to show my friends. I think I remember it had a tiny pearl on it--she had received it for her Confirmation. I loved it, and of course, knowing how precious it was, traded it for some really good plastic charms (remember these charm necklaces?) I believe one was a blue tennis racket with a white ball attached to it. 

Needless to say my mom was not pleased when she found out what happened. I don't recall why I didn't ask the girl for my charm back but whatever the reason, it was gone. I feel guilt about it to this day.

Many years later, my son Paul was excited to show me a "pet" beetle in his preschool classroom. Noting his nascent interest in beetles, I showed him a necklace my mom (uggh!) gave me a long time ago that had a scarab as its pendant. Paul asked if he could wear it to school and because he is a responsible lad (and his teachers are very conscientous) I said yes. He wore it to school and home fine. Then he wore it out to dinner at a little cafe I know (it's called Whole Foods, okay? It was Whole Foods.) It was somewhere between Whole Foods and home that it went missing.

First of all, I'm sorry, mom. 

Second, the obvious lesson is, do not lend jewelry to your children because it will go lost. If this ends up happening to Paul or James when they have kids, then I think it is officially a family curse.