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There is a puppy named after me:

Well, probably not. I contacted the owner to see if that's their last name too, which I imagine it is, but still, this is a weird thing to see in your Google alerts. Yes, I have a Google alert on myself. Why? For times such as this--in case someone has named a puppy after me. I should also note that I used to imagine that Elvis Costello's song "Sulky Girl" was actually called "Zulkey Girl" which makes me extra think that this puppy is somehow about me.

By the way if you want to learn more about the puppy go here.

Update from the Maltese puppy's owner:

"This is my Maltese puppy that I have put on ebay classified to sell. Zulkey is the mother of this litter and my female Maltese. All my dogs names that I have raised begin with the letter "Z" and there is a street in Sallisaw named Zulkey which is where I found the name and liked it enough to name one of my precious females after it."

So now there's a street in Oklahoma named after me as well!