You're Out

I've been happy that my Chicago White Sox have been off to a pretty okay start this season (knock on wood) but my favorite part of their victory over the Rays yesterday wasn't Gavin Floyd's pitching or the fact that Paul Konerko hit two home runs. It was what happened when the Rays manager Joe Maddon got ejected from the game:

Do you see what he did there? After the umps kicked him out, he flipped the script. He kicked THEM out. All of them! For being stupid and ineffective (I liked the one ump who kept saying "No.")

Technically, while throwing out the umps isn't against the rules of the game, it doesn't do anything, either. The game went on without him. But I admired his instinct. I thought of the people or things, I would have loved to have just ejected, even if it wasn't quite within my authority: the lady who talked on her cell phone all throughout her checkout transaction at Whole Foods last week; Jacob and/or Stefano from American Idol; my period; all the of the food and gift stalls in the Navy Pier arcade; and, if necessary, last week, the government (but fortunately it avoided having to be ejected.) In each of these situations I would have, naturally, gotten up in the face of whatever needed to be ejected, shouted angrily and wildly gestured that it was out of there before beating it to the showers.