Super Bowl Halftime Show: Yea or Nay? (A: Yea)

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Hey, I contributed to this piece at the AV Club on rock movies that make their subjects look like dicks.

I watched the Super Bowl last night with a selection of people who I think represent the most enthusiastic of my friends and the least (the least being my husband.) I'm grateful that I watched it with some really happy people because I probably would have written the Black-Eyed Peas performance off completely, but then I watched it with people who kept going "What? What?! Come on!! Awesome!" Meanwhile, Steve grumbled about how awful it was. Perhaps if it was just the two of us I would have agreed with him, but I ended up feeling pretty conflicted--I think I actually really enjoyed the show. I started writing down the pros and cons of the concert, and clearly, by the rules of math and logic, I ended up proving that it was a better halftime show than not. Of course, a lot of the pros are silly and a reaction to shiny, pretty things, but isn't that what the Super Bowl is all about?

If you disagree with this list, feel free to send in your own pros and cons if you feel like not all arguments here are represented.

Some of their songs suck much harder than others. Specifically, I object to the one that "samples" "I Had the Time Of My Life," which my friend Courtney says is worth it for "when the beat drops." However, I don't like that song to begin with (I don't like Dirty Dancing nor am I tempted to go to a Sandals vacation resort) and the "sample" is practically playing that song in its entirety. Also, I loathe "Where Is the Love." I think it's an insipid song and then it angers me that so many people like it and consider it a "message"-ey song.

Usher hijacking the show to lipsync and dance. I was excited to see him, for a moment, when we were all like "Could Usher be coming?" and he did! But then it felt very anti-climactic especially when he seemed to just dance for a few moments and not much else, despite his own huge light-up sign.

The political thing. Will.I.Am asked the President to improve education or something which is a good sentiment but considering how shallow a Super Bowl halftime show is, and what a shallow band was playing, it didn't really work.


The light-up outfits. You have to admit those were cool.

Fergie actually appeared to be singing live. You could argue that that's not necessarily a pro but I have to respect her for that. And, per above, I liked her shoulder pads.

People descending from the sky

People dancing with boxes on their heads

Pretending that Will.I.Am and Mike Tomlin are the same person and imagining how much work it would be to coach the Steelers and put on the halftime show. (And if Omar Epps is also Mike and Will.I.Am, how he can balance his acting/musical/coaching career.)