The Best Part of Football: When Big Fat Guys Do Little Skinny Guy Things

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I am sad about the Chicago Bears but I did really enjoy BJ Raji's interception/touchdown. Look at his little booty dance!

It made me realize all my favorite moments in football are when a big ass guy does something nimble and awesome. Part of what makes it funny is that it seems to be a thing that makes everyone else laugh too (especially the players' teammates, who always seem to pile on the big guy after the play). It's on the verge of being cruel, like "Haha! Look at Fatty go!" But I think the big guys in questions probably feel okay about it.

Raji's play reminded me of my favorite all time Big Guy moment with the Bears:

(My favorite is how his teammates are basically pushing him down the field at one point). Once again, too, the announcers are basically saying, "Who would have thought a mountain of a person like that could accomplish what he just did!"

And then of course I can't forget the original and the best:

This makes me think that instead of a Lingerie Bowl at the Super Bowl, maybe it would be more fun to have, I don't know, a Pasta Bowl or Chili Bowl, something where only players who weigh 300 pounds or more can be on the field. Skip the skinny middlemen and get straight to the good part.

(If you have additional clips of your favorite Chugga Chugga moments in football, feel free to submit them so we may give more big guys their due).