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The latest season of "Dexter" is in the can: read my recap for the LAT here.

On the way to work this morning, we saw a bumper sticker that read "Bring home your WHOLE baby: Say NO to circumcision."

Well first my natural reaction was to think about all the people out there who screw up and only bring up the circumcised bit of the baby's penis and leave the rest of the baby at the hospital. D'oh!

But then naturally we sat there in our car for a few minutes and thought about baby penises. Not in an outraged or perverted way, but just the way you are forced to think about something when your car is stuck behind another with an opinionated bumper sticker on it.

I'm not mad at the bumper sticker or the people who put it on their little white RAV-4 (if anything, I'm thankful, because I couldn't think of anything else to write about this morning). However, I'd just like to point out a double-standard in bumper-sticker-dom. If someone had slapped a sticker on their car that read "PENISES!!!" or "TIME TO THINK ABOUT DICK FOR THE NEXT FIFTEEN MINUTES" I think the DMV would be inundated with complaint letters. Even one that read "I care about baby genitalia", while truthful, would probably be looked at askance. So maybe the vocal anti-circumcision movement isn't really so much about saving male babies from genital mutilation as it is a sassy, covert way to get everyone thinking about private parts on the road.

Perhaps this could be a good thing, and conveniently distract everyone from their day to day worries and road rage, but I think we should expand it further, obviously, and perhaps include ribbons to warn people about the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome and magnets to encourage awareness of colorectal cancer. Because we'd all be made more aware of serious things, and then realize that we were actually thinking about vaginas and pensises and butts. Which are, let's face it, kind of funny, at least during rush hour.