My Exercise Playlist

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Here's my secret: if you see me exercising, chances are I'm either very subtly dancing to the music I'm listening to, or dreaming up a music video for said song, typically starring me. My exercise mix is something I'm ever-cultivating, taking off the dead wood and adding new jams, because if I'm stuck with dud music, exercise is just a slogging bore.

Dignity and taste are never a factor when it comes to exercise music, as you can see: it's all about sending your brain on a trip to a place where you actually feel like moving around.

If you're like me and need good music to move your ass, please send me your favorite workout tunes and I'll compile another list, so we can all work up a good appetite for holiday feasting. I'll just be honest up front, I am not a fan of anything metal-y or new age but just about anything else is fair game. Send me your songs by the end of the week and hopefully I'll compile a new list for Monday.