My Closet is Televised

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I started watching "Parks and Recreation" a few months ago, and the first thing I noticed was that in the pilot, Rashida Jones wears a jacket that I own:


In fact, a clip of her wearing this same jacket is in the show's intro so I see it every week. This was cool, as I am a fan of Rashida Jones and of that jacket. I got it a few seasons ago and I like how it has a tie in the back to take it in or let it out depending on how many pieces of pie you ate that day. Here's a picture of me wearing it and acting stupid with my friend Erica. Strangely this is only our first margarita:


Just a few episodes later I was surprised to see a dress I own appear in another installment of the same series:


Another standby piece of clothing from my wardrobe. I like that you can basically wear it any season depending on what you put with it. Here's a picture of me wearing it at my book party:


I was amused to see it again in an episode of "The Office", where a woman was wearing it in a crowd scene at the shareholders' meeting episode. I guess I represent the professional women of Pawnee, IN and Scranton, PA.

But last night things got weird. I was watching the Digital Short of "SNL" and I saw this:


Yeah, guess who owns that red dress (excuse the literally fuzzy photo)


Now the thing that's bizarro about this is that I got this dress almost 15 years ago. My mom bought it for me when we were shopping at Bendel's (when there used to be one in Chicago) and baby doll dresses were the thing. At home at my parents' house there's a picture of me wearing it out to dinner on my high school Latin class trip to Italy. I always liked that dress and thought it was nice and I held onto it and this season I decided to trot it out again after getting a few alterations made (if I posed from the front you'd see that the neckline is the same, and taken the time to hold the phone steady and wipe off the mirror you'd see the pattern is the same too). How weird is it that not only did I hold onto that dress for that amount of time, but so did the "SNL" costume department?

So I need someone who does costume design for TV shows to answer a few questions for me. The fact that I happen to wear the clothes that characters on NBC comedies wear reflects what exactly about my taste? That it's good? Generic? Is there any possible likelihood that the same costume people work on those shows and out there I have a clothing-twin?

Or is it possible, like I've always suspected, that my life is just a TV show?