Worst cleaning jobs made easy

At least, according to Real Simple:

Dirty Job No. 1: Changing or Emptying the Vacuum Bag or Bin
Solution: Hire a cleaning lady to do this and never think about it again. In fact, the ultimate achievement is not even knowing where your vacuum cleaner is stored.

Dirty Job No. 2: Clearing Dead Bugs From an Overhead Fixture
Solution: Don't have overhead fixtures. Just lightbulbs. The bugs will just fall on the floor and you know whose responsibility they'll be then.

Dirty Job No. 3: Decrumbing the Toaster
Solution: Stop reading magazines that tell you it should take 5-10 minutes to do this. Pull out the crumb tray and dump it in the sink, or if you are fancy, the garbage can.

Dirty Job No. 4: Cleaning Ceiling-Fan Blades
Solution: Just turn the fan on faster to make the dirt fly right off, onto the floor, which is like a big garbage can.

Dirty Job No. 5: Scouring the Kitchen Trash Can
Solution: Don't look too close at the garbage can and you'll be fine.

Dirty Job No. 6: Cleaning Heat and Air-Conditioning Vents and Radiators
Solution: Wait for the next owners of the house to do this for you.

Dirty Job No. 7: Cleaning Behind and Under the Refrigerator
Solution: Ha ha, what? No!

Dirty Job No. 8: Scrubbing Shower Doors and Tiles
Solution: See #1