Winning is Fun

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Do you want to read how annoyed I was to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" while the Blackhawks were on the verge of winning the Stanley Cup?

I'm glad to say now that officially all my Chicago sports teams have won a championship in my lifetime. There is one conspicuous sports team missing (unless I was born much earlier than I've been letting on) but that's not my team. If they win a championship in my lifetime too then it will be neat just for the Zelig factor of it all.

I've been following the Blackhawks for a few years now, since my husband made some commercials for them and introduced me to the players (not literally) as he worked with them--I remember being at a game and him pointing to Jonathan Toews in the seats saying "That's their new recruit, apparently he's going to be a big deal."

I haven't been a lifelong fan though so I don't want to act like I have more emotional investment in the championship beyond "Well that was fun." It's not like I grew up learning the legends of the Hawks. So I think I'll skip the parade tomorrow and let someone who wants to be there more have a little extra room. But in honor of the team I will bring back an old post that was inspired by their theme song: The Great Mix Tape of Horrible Professional Sports Theme Songs.