How Can a Volcano Affect a Blog?

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--My parents' trip to Europe is extended an extra week because they can't fly home due to volcanic ash spewing all across the continent.

--My house/dogsitting gig is thus extended another week.

--I get bored and discover secret candy in the basement freezer.

--After eating most of the food in the house I realize I am mostly out of options so on a whim I decide to buy frozen waffles and try those with sugar-free jam in the morning. Not bad.

--I discover that the AT&T U-verse is superior to RCN DVR.

--I learn that walking two dogs at a time is challenging especially when one likes to bark at and chase cars.

--I try famous Edzo's in Evanston. I am especially a fan of the garlic fries and am happy to know that it wasn't a big mistake to get the Nutella shake even though Oreo is my favorite.

--I realize I have to start eating better because my neck hurts and I'm getting fat sweats.

--My Dad gets this dessert (or claims that my mom did and he just ate some of it):


I get jealous. I upload the picture. It becomes an internet sensation. My father informs me that the dessert is actually called the Böögg which is part of a festival called Sechseläuten which I learned about here.

--I sleep less because my parents' dog barks at night and then in the morning he and the big dog like to wake us up by a combination of click-click-clicking around on the hardwood floor, wrassling, and more barking.

--Hence you are reading about this today instead of something more creative.