Note to Politicians: Don't Claim It's Not Sexual Because That Makes it Sound Even MORE Sexual

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Oh, politicians. It's so great when you get caught doing weird stuff because the ways you try to pretend they didn't happen is more entertaining than the weird things. Like Mark Sanford and the "Appalacian Trail." And John Edwards claiming his aide impregnated his girlfriend despite the fact that many people had heard the aide discussing his vasectomy. Or even "I didn't inhale."

Now it's New York Rep. Eric Massa stepping down amid harassment allegations and to me the weirdest thing isn't that he made inappropriate comments to a staffer at a wedding, groped a staffer or even had a tickle fight with his aide but that he's claiming that the tickle fight with "all bachelors" was not sexual.

For some reason trying to pretend that you're a middle aged married man having NONSEXUAL tickle fights and groping sessions with younger male employees is creepier than if he just came out of the closet or admitted he has problems with knowing what is appropriate. This is sort of like the old Michael Jackson "It's normal to share a bed with young boys!" days. I guess it's the difference between being a perv and being a deluded perv who thinks the rest of the world is going to buy his b.s.

If you're a politician caught doing something weird, there are no very good, graceful options but if you must, either say "It's none of your business," or "Yes, I did it, I'm working on it." Don't try and convince us that it's the world that's crazy and it's not you because it just makes you look like John Lithgow in "The Twilight Zone Movie."