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My mom passes her Bazaar magazines on to me after she's finished with them. I like it for the nice pictures of clothes I will never be able to afford, let alone pull off. They still look neat. Ever dedicated to fashion, Bazaar's back page features instructions of items that are "In" and "Out" for the forthcoming month. I like this section because while I'm always looking for some specific insight as to what not to be caught dead wearing, I am reassured because the "out"s are things that, according to my knowledge, nobody wears and were never supposed to be popular in the first place. These are real:

IN: Wrapping a textured thin belt over a long jacket.
OUT: Cocoon coats.

IN: Feminine petals for a finishing touch.
OUT: Liberty-print-fabric bracelets and necklaces.

IN: Neon-hued accents.
OUT: Heavy velvet shoes.

IN: Feminine finishes.
OUT: Overtly masculine menswear.

It's fun to come up with your own, I've learned:

IN: Structured jackets
OUT: Tiny straw hats

In: Ruffled blouses
OUT: Chainmail

IN: Big, bold jewelry
OUT: Dead rats worn on a string

IN: Architectural High heels
OUT: Flip-flops found abandoned on the beach

IN: Higher hemlines
OUT: Adult diapers

IN: Small, tasteful purses
OUT: A big metal filing case that you drag behind you on a dolly

Try it yourself!