Why This World Series Sucks

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1) Can't root for the Yankees. I'm sorry to my one friend out there who is a Yankees fan who is cool (hi, Liz) but it's just impossible. It would maybe be easier without Alex Rodriguez. Still, if I'm being honest with myself, that wouldn't make me like them more, just dislike them less. The Yankees have, first of all, just won too many times for me to ever think "Gee I hope those Yankees fans finally get a chance to celebrate." I'm not a Cubs fan but just think about that--there are teams out there that have had entire generations be born and die without seeing a World Series victory. And also, I have a sneaking suspicion that Yankees fans think they invented cheering. That "Let's go/TEAMNAME" is not unique, Yankees fans! You didn't invent it. I do like Joe Girardi fine though because he is a homie. But that's it.

2) Can't root for the Phillies. I don't believe in repeats in general unless it's the 1990's Bulls. But moreover, after having seen the White Sox through to the World Series in 2005, I know HOW LONG and HOW HARD it is to get the World Series. To see the same team in them two years in a row just seems terribly dull.

3) Don't have money on it.

But for some reason I am still paying attention. I guess because with each game I think "Damn, I can't believe the stupid Phillies/Yankees won, but at least the Yankees/Phillies lost."