Some Things I'll Be Doing

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I had a HILARIOUS piece planned about how Sammy Sosa looks weird lately but I have all these things coming up and I thought I would tell you about them. Also, I really enjoyed SYTYCD last night.

First: the opening of Open Books. I'm going to be speaking on a YA panel and there will be a lot of other things going on. I have a cute button for that so here that is:


I think it should be a fun time!

Then, on December 2 at the Reconstruction Room, my friend Meghan and I are going to read bizarrely morbid poetry from a book published by our eighth grade class to honor the Death of Print. You have to check that out.

December 17 How To Be Inappropriate author Daniel Nester and I are reading at the Book Cellar, my favorite bookstore in Chicago. You can eat cheese and drink booze there, how can you not like that?

In New York it looks like I am going to do a reading January 14: details to come but if you live in the city and want to say hi, that is the time! Then after that I'm doing Reading Under the Influence on Feb 3 and the Encyclopedia Show March 3 but I'll fill you in on that later because it's freaking me out to know I have plans that far in advance.