Animal Violence

The Supreme Court yesterday debated where the issue of cruelty to animals lies in relation to the First Amendment. On the one hand, it could be a crime "to create, sell or possess depictions of animal cruelty for commercial gain," but what does this mean for hunting videos, or footage of Spanish bullfights, or PETA footage used for education/shock value?

I have a couple other scenarios where it's unclear how they'd be affected by this proposed law:

A painting of a dog riding a bull abusing a person.

A made-for-TV movie about an ant fighting another ant but of its own volition

A cell phone video of a shark shooting a gun

A Facebook post about a fish killing itself by jumping out of its tank

A History Channel show about a Colosseum of dogs cheering on a gladiator fight and a fight breaks out between the dogs in the stands

A graphic novel about a wolf in sheep's clothing fighting a wolf in grandma's clothing

An instructional video for dogs on how to use cross-bows for deer-hunting

Screenshots of a penguin cyber-bullying a polar bear on Myspace

A viral video of a kitten shooting a blogger for being an idiot