So Many Things With My Name On Them

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So I have recently published a Young Adult (but not limited to young adults!) book called AN OFF YEAR. If you want to read an interview with me about the book you can check out this lovely website here. If you'd like to see me (and a bunch of other YA authors) speak in Naperville, IL this weekend I believe you can still get tickets here.

But that's not all! This morning I stopped by the Onion offices (because I'm cool like that) and was given my very own copy of the book Inventory: 16 Films Featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls, 10 Great Songs Nearly Ruined by Saxophone, and 100 More Obsessively Specific Pop-Culture Lists. Why did I get a free copy? Because I contributed to the book! You, friends, will have to pay for your copy but I highly recommend it. It is taking a lot of willpower not to stop writing this sentence and go back to poring through it. My spidey sense tells me especially that this book will be an excellent gift for college students, pop-culture obsessives and people who like to read in the bathroom. Pre-order today and stay tuned for info regarding signings and whatnot.

But if you want to read something I worked on right this second, I have things for you.; Last night I wrote about the episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" for the LA Times. Also for the LAT I interviewed Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt of "Whatever, Martha!" And finally for the LAT I also interviewed "Project Runway" HBIC Nina Garcia.

If you want more from me today, I think you'll need to ask yourself, what have you done for ME lately? Me, not you. Who is "me" to you but whatever.