If You're a Good Dancer, Please Keep it to Yourself

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I went to a fun wedding this weekend but I had one issue with the reception: there were way too many actually-good dancers on the floor. My husband and I are what you could classify as "shameless" dancers--we stink, but we know it and we play up how bad and cheesy we are and I think it works. I do the ol' pull-him-around-the-floor by the tie, he picks me up and spins me around and I accidentally kick someone in the head. We both robot extensively. But it's no fun to be ironically bad when 75% of the dancefloor is sincerely good. I saw swing dancing going on where guys were actually picking the girls up in what seemed to be a legitimate move. I might have seen fox-trotting? There was no way I could go out there and do my faux-interpretive dancing when there was actual dancing going on.

People: unless you are at some sort of dance competition or on a televised dance program or at a dance studio, please don't show off what a good dancer you are. It's just rude. It's like being invited to a Super Bowl party and bringing a bottle of very fine wine when everyone else brought High-Lifes, delivering a memorized sonnet as opposed to reading or coming actually PREPARED instead of bullshitting just like everyone else. No need to show the rest of us up, you know? If you need to dance well, get it out of your system before the wedding, or maybe do it outside.

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