Best Captions from a Site About a Japanese (I Think?) Cat

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Hey Maru! Your buttocks are defenseless.

Hey Maru! A round creature such as the raccoon dog is you......

[Probably because of heat, Maru does a well strange pose recently.]

Marue is ennui in the toilet.

Hey Maru! Please stop stealing into the kitchen at midnight, and bringing the bag of the dry seaweed

When Maru plays with his favorite panda, he becomes the terrible face.

Maru:[ Photography from the bottoms is prohibition. ]

[ This is a scarf. I will bind you with it. ]

Maru:[ I am ashamed. ]

[ Maru cannot wear the clothes of the last year. ]

Maru:[ This is violent mouse! ]

Maru:[ I am weak in the time for toothbrush. ]

Maru:[ This is a secret talk, I become a baby every morning. ]

Site About a Japanese (I Think?) Cat">
Site About a Japanese (I Think?) Cat">