Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country

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Shortly after the election of Barack Obama, Jory John, who runs the drop-in tutoring at 826 Valencia in San Francisco, began asking his students to write letters to their new president. The results were hilarious, heartrending, and even practical. The project was expanded to include students from all over the country, and the resulting book is available now. Below are some selections from the book. If you'd like to purchase it yourself, you can do so here.

Dear President Obama,
You are just like a big me, because I am from Chicago, and I am biracial and have curly hair. I live in Seattle now, but I'm still from Chicago. I have an idea. Why don't you give everybody, even the homeless, 10 dollars every day? And don't forget to give the kids money, too.
Avante Price, age 7, Seattle

Dear President Obama,
The first thing you need to do is put your stuff in the White House. Be careful, Abraham Lincoln haunts one of the bedrooms. Look around the White House. Meet with your helpers. Get a puppy. Talk to America. Make a speech. My name is Matthew Wong. I was watching TV when you were elected; my family was happy.
Matthew Wong, age 8, Chicago

Dear Barack Obama,
Something happened to me: I went out to lunch at Starbucks and I wanted to buy a cup of whipped cream and normally it's 43 cents, but now it's 74 cents! The price raised 31 cents for no reason. So you should probably try to change things like that from happening. You should keep an eye out for things like that.
Alexis Feliciano, age 9, Brooklyn

Dear President Obama,
What is your favorite holiday? My favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween. I would be a good president and stop bad drugs. What stuff is in the White House? Answer here: _________________________________

You would never say bad words because you would never break the law.
Kevin Cordova, age 7, Los Angeles

Dear President Obama,
I know you want to save the Earth, but people don't want to clean. My life is to clean up all the world and help you to clean. I always dream of cleaning the world for you. I'll do anything for you because you are the president in this world.
Stephanie Gonzalez, age 7, Los Angeles

Dear President Obama,
Here is a list of the first ten things you should do as president:
1. Fly to the White House in a helicopter. 2. Walk in. 3. Wipe feet. 4. Walk to the Oval Office. 5. Sit down in a chair. 6. Put hand sanitizer on hands. 7. Enjoy moment. 8. Get up.
9. Get in car. 10. Go to the dog pound.
Chandler Browne, age 12, Chicago

Dear President Barack Obama,
When I was watching television on November 4th, I started crying because I was so happy. Everyone in my neighborhood kept honking their cars, yelling, and texting their friends about how you had been elected the 44th president. My friend's dad is going to open a new ice-cream store right in front of my house and they are going to try to open it on January 20th in honor of you. :) My family and I have been talking about when you become president that it is going to be very hard. Don't worry, you have me, my family, my friends, and St. James School to support you. Just remember that you have two wonderful daughters that love you and a wife that loves you too and remember that she is as beautiful as a rose.

Well, thanks, and I hope you have a great time running the country. :)
Yoselin Teresa Martinez Xonthe, San Francisco