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Hootie hoot!

I only liked about five commercials last night and only remembered two well enough to recall them today: the one with Conan O'Brien (because it seemed so Conan and he's the hottest thing ever) and the Denny's one (with the whipped cream)--I already thought the commercial was cute and then I found out, hey, free breakfast. So I liked the message AND the delivery.

Oh wait, I liked the one pretty well too.

It bummed me out that so many commercials seemed to be about guys being jerks--hurting each other and messing around with each others' lives and stuff. Not like commercials have to be sweetness and light and hope and goodness but it was kind of insulting, I guess, that advertisers assumed that most people watching the game were over-roided jerks who couldn't stand having a few minutes of non-hitting in between the plays of the game.

Anyway, speaking of sweetness and light and goodness, here is a thing I wrote about the Obamas.