Nazis and Paparazzi

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One of my favorite songs from 2007 is Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" but one rhyme that has always been unintentionally funny to me is "Try to hit you with a 'Oeur de Whopee'/Till I get flashed by the paparazzi/Damn, these nigga's got me/I hate these nigga's more than the Nazis".

I enjoy using hyperbole so much it physically hurts so for Kanye West hating these paparazzi more than he hates the Nazis is quite amusing to me. In my head (because it's a joke I don't want to risk not having go over) I use "I hate this more than the Nazis" now and then. For instance, this morning I noticed that I am almost out of conditioner whereas my shampoo bottle is halfway full. Damn! I hate when that happens--more than the Nazis.

However someone pointed out that there is a grammar issue at stake. I think what Kanye (and I) meant to say is that his hatred for the paparazzi (and shampoo/conditioner conundrum) is greater than his hatred of the Nazis but it can also be interpreted as "I hate the paparazzi (or shampoo/conditioner discrepancy) more than the Nazis hate it."

Is it possible that that's what Kanye meant? I'm inclined to think not, because while the Nazis have been known to hate many things, the paparazzi has never seemed to be one of their targets. After all, why would they have appeared in so many propaganda videos? As for the shampoo/conditioner thing, it is quite possible that the Nazis hate that more than I do but I highly, highly doubt it, because my shampoo and conditioner are very expensive. Damn.