Confessions of a Hater

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I'm not a big fan of most chick flicks so it's not surprising that the trailers of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" fill me with rage. But I'm bothered not as a woman or a non-breathless Googler or an American suffering tough economic times--I'm enraged as a journalist. From what I gather about this movie, this broad likes to shop--a lot--and oopsie, realizes she needs some money. So what does she do? She lands a job at a magazine.

Apparently she's pissed that she has to work at a boring old financial magazine, and not the fashion magazine she likes.

WELL BOO FREAKING HOO. I'm sure there are bigger plot holes than this, but it drives me crazy that a movie would indicate that there are journalism jobs available, let alone fallback ones just to make cash. In real life Rebecca Bloomwood would be weeping with joy over the fact that she scored any type of full-time magazine job and try to ignore the fact that she probably doesn't earn enough to pay her rent, yet alone high-end clothes. And if, somehow, she did land a job that she was wholly unqualified for, some cute guy wouldn't have time to ask her "Did you just GOOGLE 'What is finance?'" because by then a starving intern would have already degloved her of her skin and taken her spot at her cubicle.

Meanwhile, I guess, she thinks that she can merely transition her job at this boring business magazine to a fancy fashion magazine. NO, STUPID. You work at the business magazine for the next ten years, trying to build yourself a reputation and some clips, and then if you're lucky you go to another, better business magazine, and then another, and then another, until you're forced to retire because you can't keep up with the times.

I think this movie could otherwise escape my wrath if this stupid lady had chosen to get her money in a more realistic way, like working for GM or flipping real estate in Florida. But don't make me laugh. Journalism for money for clothes? Please. We all know we journalists spend all our money on hardcore drugs instead.

Review I give this movie I haven't seen: F