Callie94, That's Just Like, Your Opinion, Man

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Hey Chicagoans--what are you doing this Friday?

I have a livejournal page which is another blog where I write things that I assume nobody really cares about (like my FEELINGS). So just for s's and g's, I posted some pictures from the photobooth function on my fancy new Macbook. I didn't exactly get made up for the endeavor: I was just sitting around in a sweatshirt and jeans on a Sunday night being stupid.

Anyway, I got a comment on the pictures today which was a little different than comments I usually get. It was from someone named "callie94". She gave her comment a heading, which read "OMG You're so gross looking!!" and then elaborated below, saying "Seriously, calling you ugly would be the understatement of the year. Yuck!!"

I shouldn't be that surprised to get a "You're ugly" (or rather, "Your ugly") comment--I should have known better than to put a picture of myself online. Moreover I should be surprised that it's taken that long to get one after so many years online with a wide variety of flattering to fat-n-ugly pictures of me on the web. (Do they still say web?)

I am kind of flattered that callie took the time to come by and say this, since I have my livejournal rigged so that no anonymous comments can be left. I think it's possible too that callie94 created an account JUST to say this, because I don't see any evidence of her doing anything else on LJ.

Waking up in the morning and getting a comment about how ugly you look, especially on a Monday morning, isn't the greatest, but, I put things in perspective. I don't get told very often that I'm super-hot, but I think this might be the first time in my life that somebody, anonymously or not, told me I was ugly. So, I'm forced to conclude that Callie94 is not only not an expert, but possibly...wrong?

So take that, callie94. Your comment towards me was rude but more importantly, inaccurate. How does THAT feel?

PS: I bet you're fat.