A Red-Letter "Day"

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Last night I received the exciting news that I had been awarded "Wife of the Day" by my husband, for my selfless act of helping him fold his laundry (which I did without getting out of bed). Unfortunately I received this award at 11:40 PM so I didn't get much time to enjoy this accolade.

What does "Wife of the Day" mean? According to my husband, it qualifies me for a free ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins on my birthday. This doesn't seem to be a great award since I think people get free ice cream on their birthdays anyway.

I pointed this out but was threatened with the revocation of my privileges as "Wife of the Day." When you do not earn the coveted "Wife of the Day" prize, you do not get the benefit of hearing my husband's many self-described "funny voices."

Oh and I also found out this morning that I receive a blinking .gif for my website, to celebrate my achievement. However I have to make the .gif myself. Unfortunately I don't know how to do this. When I did a search for "Wife of the Day" the following image came up first:


So anyway, I'm really proud of this achievement and next time only hope to earn it earlier in the day so I can enjoy its full benefits because I was told that "Wife of the Day" ends at midnight. No word today on my odds of winning it two days in a row.