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Zulkey.com has not been feeling its oats these past few weeks for various reasons.

1.) The worrisome Chicago White Sox.

2.) The economy--I am really trying to help it by pouring money into the beauty industry and while I have been seeing dividends in the form of clear, tanned skin, the main effect has been anxiety (but the payoff will be the wedding photos, which will be delicious when we can't afford food anymore).

3.) Hunger. Do you know what I did last night? I read a cookbook the way I used to read catalogs, putting post-its on every page that looked good which pretty much literally was every page.

4.) This election. Fortunately though I saw something last night that made me really, really happy and it was this--I'm not sure which pleased me more, the general message or the bratty-smart take on a truly ridiculous situation.

I think the only solution is for me to marry Campbell Brown, because then I will probably have lots of money after the wedding, and we can make wisecracks to each other about Sarah Palin and how she doesn't belong in the Smart Brunette Club AT ALL.