Your Blah Wasn't Your Blah

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I am not joking: "So You Think You Can Dance" is so freaking good.

So some women are offended by these Canadian Club liquor ads. Personally they're not my favorite ads in the world but that's strictly from an advertising perspective--I think stock photos are uninteresting and there's too much copy. But other than that, the whole guy's guy thing is such old news. Advertising and men's magazines and the like like to fluff up the whole concept of "manhood" as a campaign to get guys to buy stuff, and to convince men that if it wasn't for them, they'd be walking around smooth like a Ken doll answering all Barbie's needs. It's the same thing with women's magazines too--telling us that we need time with the girls and to take a break from life to get manis and pedis lest we forget that there are many, many women-oriented things for us to buy.

I don't find many ads offensive but for those who do, I think there is such a wide range of stuff to critique that hits our own gender. I love stuff like this--parodies are wonderful and Michelle Koenig-Schwartz and her contributors kicked some butt. But I can't help but wonder how they'd take on ads like these: