If You're Having a Hard Time Generating Comments On Your Blog, Here are a Few Post Topics That Will Get Things Going

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(thanks to Julie's Health Club)

"Breast feeding in public is gross" (You don't really want to add more than that unless you want to invoke "the children" and how they shouldn't have to "see that". Alternatively you could go the opposite route and say "Any woman who doesn't breastfeed is a bad mother.)

"Autistic children need to behave on planes"

"All children need to behave on planes" (or restaurants or whatever. Feel free to complain also about strollers on sidewalks).

"Stay-at-home moms are lazy"

"Working moms are bad mothers"

"Home birth is stupid"

"All children should be vaccinated" (or "no children", if you like)

"'Peanut allergy' and "disability' should not even be used in the same sentence"

"Midwives? What is this, the 15th century?" (Subtitle: "And don't even get me started on doulas")

"Raise your kids vegan...if you want them to hate you and/or die of starvation." (or substitute "vegan" with "meat eaters" and then say if you want them to "be fat" or "be evil.")

"Fat people." (You can pretty much go anywhere with this).