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As a result of the writers' strike, the networks have fast-tracked production on a bunch of new unscripted programs, chief among those: game shows.

What can we expect to see on the air in the coming months?

"Hot or Not?" Contestants will be forced to judge various objects, such as forks or pokers, and judge whether they have just been plunged into a fiery oven. If they can't tell by looking, they'll have to use their hands.

"Lying Bastard" Various lying bastards will wager on what the worst possible lie is they can tell to the worst possible person and have them believe it--extra points given for lying to children and religious figures.

"Making the Site" Some famous internet dude (yet to be chosen) scours the country for a "dream team" of blog designers, editors and writers which will then attempt to put together a real live website.

"Flower Shop" An exciting peek into the lives of a handful of people who run a flower shop! Things might get botanical on your ass--watch out!

"What Will You Allow to Touch Your Eyeball?" (self-explanatory)

"Playing Doctor" Contestants can get major surgery--for free!--as long as they trust that their friends have paid attention to the crash med school course they're given the week before airing.

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