The 6 Faces of Claire Zulkey

Claire Zulkey the Entertainer: Can anyone simultaneously sing, tap-dance and handle a top hat and cane in a flashy way as well as Claire Zulkey can? No.

Claire Zulkey the Humanitarian: Claire Zulkey wrote a check to aid the efforts to stop global warming that was of greater monetary value than the venue--and costs--of Live Earth combined. But she is a very humble humanitarian and thus prefers to keep this side to her as private as possible.

Claire Zulkey the Oppressor: Claire Zulkey is a mighty and vengeful being and does not shy from using threats or violence to achieve her means. Her minions are mighty and faithful and perform her bidding with zealousness.

Claire Zulkey the Actress: Claire Zulkey the Actress is still getting her career off the ground and would appreciate any leads you might have, especially for big budget films or independent movies that look like they might become sleeper hits.

Claire Zulkey the Bounty Hunter: Claire Zulkey always gets her man, and looks so stylish as she does so, wearing cute motorcycle clothes while riding a cute motorcycle.

Claire Zulkey the Temptress: Is the least successful Claire Zulkey and thus this whole thing might just be dropped to the 5 Faces of Claire Zulkey

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