Scenes from a Cave Man Soap Opera

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January 16, 2003

Today is the day to stop touring.

Watch me make like Jerry Seinfeld and check out my "Observations" on Kittenpants!

Scenes from a Cave Man Soap Opera

GROG: Grog arr brah.
KRANG: Rawp.
GROG: Derr?
<His twin brother enters>
GROG: Gaaaaah!

NAAR: Fard mawp koog.
TAGO: Brawp.
NAAR: Pwot.
<They share a stolen embrace>

GOOL: Heed grak.
YAG: Jok.
GIM: Prot.
GOOL: Hert mwot gaar.
YAG: Garr?
GIM: Gaar!
<He dies, in a fiery explosion>

OTIM: Wek.
THOK: Crag mot.
OTIM: Haak meep mot.
THOK: Lor.
KRELL: Lor prot meep mot.
<She shows the tattoo on her ankle, proving that it really is her, after all these years>