214668574.jpgTonight we're doing the 10th anniversary show for Funny Ha-Ha and I'm excited and nervous (pretty sure this will be our biggest show to date, and of course I hope everybody has a good time, or at the very least isn't filled with rage and hatred.) By my count (which may not be correct), in the last ten years we've done 30 different shows at three different venues, featuring nearly 80 different performers, which is amazing to me. Also, something you should know is that all of these people shared their time and talents for free. A lot of them got drink tickets, sure, but I don't pay out at the end of shows: the proceeds benefit charity (in this case, SitStayRead.) So I wanted to publicly thank everybody who has ever read or performed with us. If you don't see your name on here, please correct me and I'll update this list. Let's have some fun tonight!

Joe Avella

Molly Backes

Ken Barnard

Mark Bazer

Ian Belknap

Kimberly Bellware

Robert Buscemi

Shannon Cason

Jessica Coen

Steve Delahoyde

Amy Dickinson

Dennis DiClaudio

Todd Dills

Keith Ecker

Cameron Esposito

Aaron Freeman

James Fritz

Steve Gadlin

James Finn Garner

John Green

Kevin Guilfoile

Amy Guth

Mark Hanner

Kate Harding

Meghan Haynes

Steve Heisler

Kelsie Huff

Samantha Irby

Kate James

Joe Janes

Erin Kahoa

Justin Kaufmann

James Kennedy

Jacob Knabb

Natalie Kossar

Mote LaMonte

Jen Lancaster

Abraham Levitan

Annie Logue

Margaret Lyons

Ever Mainard

Homer Marrs

Sandy Marshall

Wendy McClure

Jonathan Messinger

Josh Modell

Kumail Nanjiani

Dana Norris

Carly Oishi

Keith Phipps

Christopher Piatt

Leonard Pierce

Nathan Rabin

Erica Reid

Dave Reidy

Pat Reidy

Tasha Robinson

Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Andy Ross

Erin Gloria Ryan

Kyle Ryan

Mo Ryan

Fred Sasaki

John Sellers

Amy Shearn

Alpana Singh

Mimi Smartypants

Erin Shea Smith

Scott Smith

Ann Sonneville

Eric Spitznagel

Johanna Stein

Max Stewart

Megan Stielstra

Amy Sumpter

Robbie Telfer

Edward Thomas-Herrera

Scott Tobias

Cassie Walker

Adam Witt

Eric Zorn

Claire Zulkey