The Field Museum's Chief Curiosity Correspondent and "Brain Scoop" host Emily Graslie

Miss Spoken host and co-creator Carly Oishi

Paper Machete managing editor Kimberly Bellware

Standup comic and "We Still Like You" Co-Creator Tyler Snodgrass

Second City and IO performer Rebecca Hanson

Beloved local filmmaker Steve Delahoyde

Editor of this website that you are currently reading Claire Zulkey

If you want an official social media record of how excited you are for this show and for Funny Ha-Ha in general, you can like the show and/or RSVP for it (although technically a Facebook RSVP means nothing except that it's nice to see who's coming) here!

Totally unrelated, here is a piece I wrote for called "Check Your Privilege, Sanctimommy." Because people can be judgmental on many levels at the same time!