I DJ'ed Dance Dance Party Party last week! Here is my playlist, in case you need some new workout music or to watch some fun videos to get you through Hump Day:


Phantogram's Pandora station is currently my favorite Pandora station to listen to at work--give it a listen!

I first heard this song when Steve put it on a mix for me before we even started dating. I love its joyousness: in my head the music video features thousands of little children playing double-dutch jumprope.

One of those songs where the nonsensical lyrics don't get in the way its overall sexiness.

I heard my friend Nora laugh when this came on, because she knew I played this because of our new house. Also, I love this song and its cute video.

This song lifts my spirits and the video is one of my favorites: I like watching dancing videos with tiny Paul (more fun than truck videos and more appropriate than a lot of other music videos) and now in my head I have basically made this song about him.

So brief yet so ass-kicking.

I am pretty sure I am too old and irrelevant anymore to have any "haters" but sometimes I still imagine singing this to those few people who would care enough to hate on me.

I love Robyn and Royksopp but I honestly don't get this video. However! That hasn't stopped me from playing this song on repeat after it came out. When we danced to this in DDPP with wild desperate abandon, it made up for the concert where I saw them perform at Pritzker Pavilion. The music, venue, and company were great but the concert was not attended by people who as passionate dancers as we are in DDPP. I felt a little bit self-conscious when I danced at the show, like people were watching me, thinking, "All right, give it a rest already." That is never the case at DDPP.

This song is weird but cool. A good cooldown after the previous song.

Just like every single Katy Perry song out there, this song is stupid and derivative and I bought it immediately. This is another video I like to watch with Paul. He likes the frog in it. I LOVE the dancers, especially the guys in the Pee Wee Herman outfits.

This is one of my workout songs: the mashup rhythms make it a good change of pace when I'm running.

I am not that big a fan of Taylor Swift as a person or a musician (not that I have anything against her--I'm just eh on her) but I don't think you can deny the fun of this song or video. I think it got way more hate than was necessary.Cooldown:

I told you I am on a big Duran Duran kick. If you have time and you are not in a public workspace like the one I work in, watch the original uncensored video for this song because I want to talk about its softcore porn-ness and whether it's necessary or not. I was a little horrified and grossed out the first time I saw it but now I feel like it is part of the song--it's more ominous than sexy, which seems right.