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When I was in college, I lived with my friend Lauren whose twin sister Katie, a gourmand, would occasionally come to visit. It was always a treat whenever Katie was in town, because we'd either get taken out to an extravagant dinner or she'd somehow whip up a miraculous meal out of our tiny, crappy kitchen. I still have the souffle dish I bought at Dean and Deluca for the express reason of her making a souffle (and cream of asparagus soup, and crown rib roast) for a bunch of college sophomores. The best part about eating with Katie was after the meal, after your stomach had settled down, when we'd lie around and nibble off the leftovers. She'd create little tiny bites of leftover meat and cheese and bread and feed it to you and it was the best.

Katie, sadly, is no longer with us, but her legacy lives on in a lot of ways, from her sassy mouth to her love of dogs, but for me, I'll never forget how she convinced me that chicken is bullshit. "I'd rather eat nothing than chicken," she declared, which seemed silly to me, back in the days when dieting equaled a grilled chicken atop a salad. But over time, especially as I became pickier about the meat I do eat, I realized that indeed, I'd rather eat a thousand amazing meatless dishes than one more bland, rubbery chicken breast.

So I'm picky when it comes to chicken. That's why, with this Foodie post, I deliver you a carefully-curated list of chicken dishes where the chicken is not bullshit. It's flavorful and treated with care and dressed up with other good stuff. These are the chicken dishes I'd make for Katie.

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by Claire Zulkey at Foodie.com