Endorsement: The Kids' Picture Show

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My 3-year-old loves trucks and the like so much that even when I'm not in the car with him I still have a running commentary in my head: "Look! A cement truck! Do you see the mail truck? A choo-choo! A pickup truck! A tow truck! A UPS truck! A digger!" And it doesn't stop, of course, outside the car. We have about 50,000 toy cars and trucks in the house (I'm sure if you swung a jackhammer at the wall a bunch of Hot Wheels would pour out) and when that's not enough, we turn to Youtube.

The other day we spent a lot of time looking for the "right" garbage truck video. "Right" to me means not horrifically annoying (did you know that you can watch an hour's worth of "The Wheels on the Bus" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"?) and "right" to Paul means... I don't know what. We never found the right garbage truck video. I am a failure.

One set of videos we do all agree on is the Kids' Picture Show. Steve and I stumbled across this while trying to find the perfect bus video back when buses were hot and garbage trucks were not.

There isn't much to the videos. Some animated 8-bit construction vehicles (or farm vehicles or street vehicles or railway vehicles) slowly scroll by to video game-style music, pause, and then a voice that you could describe as slighty ominous says what you're looking at.

And that is it. Check it out for yourself:

There's no characters, story, singalong, joke, subtle advertisement or anything beyond that. Sometimes Paul likes to try to predict what he's looking at, sort of like a game show. I find the series oddly soothing and slightly humorous in a way I can't put my finger on. And sometimes Steve and I do the voiceover at home ("Bulldozer.") because your inside jokes start getting really weird when you have kids.