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5208817013_31c5d90ae5_b.jpgQuickly! Two pieces I published lately--"Elephants Have Women Issues & Other Things I Learned Rewatching 'Dumbo" over at Thrillist and at Fast Company, Out Of Office With The Founder Of Ghana's Asheshi University.

Anyway, have a marvelous Thanksgiving--I hope it's safe and happy and delicious. Later today I'm going to hand over my social media passwords to my husband so that I will be forced to spend the weekend doing all the things that I never get around to--New Yorkers, updating the baby books, organizing my Google docs, going through piles of notebooks to see if there is anything in there worth keeping--lots of thrilling stuff. Here are the posts I would put up if I had access to my accounts:

  • A picture of me doing a Turkey Trot while wearing a silly hat
  • Opinions about the dog show
  • Panicky status updates about various kitchen disasters
  • A photo of my turkey (although a vegetarian friend told me recently those make her sad so maybe not)
  • A photo of the little boys sitting at their tiny table at Thanksgiving
  • Pictures of the Christmas decorations going up
  • A few bored status updates as the long weekend wears on to see if I can get somebody to talk to me
  • 9,000 photos of the fat smiley baby

Speaking of the Turkey Trot, I am going to take part in the Runners World Run Streak this year (or try to, anyway). I am more inclined to just aim to do a mile per day, maybe more if I can, than to do the whole fancy program laid out on the link. But if you're interested in joining me, let me know if you are a real life friend who wants to do a nice easy run together between now and New Year's, or, if you're a long-distance or virtual friend, let me know and we can endeavor to run together at the same time and then check in/congratulate each other afterwards. It's three laps around my block for a mile, and that's times 37 days, so 111 laps. Whee?