The Dr. Hot Pants Archives

September 15, 2003 The Next to Last Dr. Hot Pants!

September 8, 2003 On smoking, birth control and those damned enlarged scrotums

August 25, 2003 Revirginizing, tongue scrapers and the art of proportion

August 4, 2003 Debunking Tampon Myths

July 28, 2003 The Triumphant Return of Dr. Hot Pants! Wherein she talks way too much about vaginas.

June 16, 2003 Appointment #7, Guest Dr. Hotpants: Steve Delahoyde: Squiddy McSquidpants, the Happiest Squid of Them All!

May 19, 2003 Appointment #6: A picture of worms coming out of people's skin and sneeze fetishists. Really.

May 12, 2003 Appointment #5: It doesn't make any sense, and it's gross.

May 5, 2003 Appointment #4: It's just your vagina, after all.

April 28, 2003 Appointment #3: psychosis drugs, eye leakage and Dr. Hot Pants hotline!

April 21, 2003 Appointment #2: hiccups, BMI and that icky Instead Cup

April 14, 2003 The Doctor is In: Appointment #1: scabs and asparagus pee

April 7, 2003 Introducing Dr. Hot Pants

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