Brought to you by Lindsayism, who wrote about being on Team Pam here,
and Zulkey, who is Team Karen, all the way.

If you'd like to order more than one shirt, or have any comments or questions, please contact Claire, Lindsay, or Steve

Team Pam and Team Karen Shirts are shipped via USPS and will usually be mailed shortly after the order is placed. Additional time may be necessary as demand grows. But cut us some slack, eh? After all, it's just the three of us here.


05/02/07 09:25am:
With much sadness, we mark the end
in a chapter of history. We sold
our very last shirt this morning
and so it all comes to a close.
Thanks very much for everyone who
decided what we were doing was fun
enough to fork out cold hard cash
for it. We really, really appreciate
it and we've had a blast from start
to finish. Hopefully one day we'll
come up with another idea that turns
out to be this fun. In the interim,
we thank you once more.

04/01/07 10:12pm:
Should you find yourself being in
need of a Team Pam shirt, sized
Medium, act now, because that's all
we've got left!

Pam - Small: sold out
Pam - Medium: 3
Pam - Large: sold out
Karen - Small: sold out
Karen - Medium: sold out
Karen - Large: sold out


02/28/07 11:25pm:
We'd like to say thanks
to the newest member of our set of
photos: Mr. Alex White, rockin' it
extra hard for Team Karen (see below).

02/19/07 12:07am:
So, after much deliberation, we have
some sad news to report. We've decided
to start closing down the shop. We've
been at this now since late October
and we've had a blast, but we're all so
busy, that we figured we'd go out on
top. This doesn't mean, however, that
we're completely closed yet. We still
have a handful of our supply left and
we'd love to get those into the hands
of whoever is out there that's still
wanting one.

02/15/07 11:03pm:
Wow does time ever fly. We've been
so absurdly busy, we've completely
neglected the site for awhile, haven't
we? We've been fulfilling orders right
and left, as soon as they come in,
of course, but we just haven't had a
sec to update the site. We promise to
have new stats up soon, but in the
interim, below you'll find another
couple of new photos, two from
Kathy Johnstone receiving a wonderful
Christmas present, and another from
Aileen Chan, representing Team Pam
with, as she says, her "grillz."

01/20/07 06:02pm:
Not only does she run a t-shirt empire, but
she's also a writer. Check out this story
Claire wrote about The Office in the LA Times!
(reg req'd)

01/11/07 09:42pm:
Wow. We're floored. For the first time
ever since we started this crazy thing,
this is the first week ever that Team
Karen shirts have out-sold Team Pam
And not just by a couple of shirts, but
by twice as many! We don't know what it
is. Pam's "oh pity me!" crying spell in
last week's episode? Or, like Claire,
people are getting tired of the passivity?
Or is it just a growing Karen movement?
Whatever the case, it's working. And to
help congratulate the Team, below you'll
find our first Team Karen photo, sent in
by Jen Ullrich.

01/03/07 07:18pm:
Happy New Year! We're all back now
from travels out of town and family
events and extended hangovers, so we
can finally get onto the business at
hand. Namely, doing the numbers. And
it looks like the holiday season really
brought out the Team Pam representation.
Karen suffered a major blow over these
past couple of weeks:
Team Pam: 82%
Team Karen: 18%

12/21/06 09:59pm:
Holiday rushes can't hold us back!
The printing gods have smiled upon our
shirt business and we've been fully
restocked with every Pam and Karen, of
every size, as of this evening. So while
it's probably a little too late for you
to be ordering for a holiday gift, we're
ready for every other event that requires
you to pledge your loyalties.

12/11/06 10:31pm:
We'd like to give a big public thanks
to Alex Getts and Emily Molyneux, the
impossibly attractive people who were
kind enough to send in some photos of
themselves wearing their new Team Pam
shirts (see below). Though, unless, you
count Claire wearing her shirt, we still
haven't gotten in any pics from anyone
on Team Karen. Step up already, huh? We
know you're out there!

12/04/06 12:01am:
Oh, and hey, also, if you've already
received your Team Pam/Karen shirts
and happen to have a camera nearby,
we'd love to put up some photos of people
wearing them (anything to replace that
horrid photo below of Steve in a small
Team Pam).

12/03/06 11:39pm:
You thought we'd disappeared, no?
Nope, we haven't. Just been a busy
week. Working during the day, then
coming home to put together orders.
We, finally, right now, late on this
chilly Sunday night, got a chance to
update the tally. Although Pam is still
dominating the numbers, Karen has
managed a bit of a comeback this week:
Team Pam: 78%
Team Karen: 22%

11/26/06 4:49pm:
Whew. The first big batch went
out at the crack of dawn on Friday
morning. We got home from Thanksgiving
dinner and sat around stuffing shirts
into envelopes well into the night.
And it looks like we'll be repeating
the process on Monday night when we
get the next shipment in.

11/22/06 7:49pm:
In other news, we have the most
recent tally. Team Karen hasn't
returned to their initially high
numbers of last week, but due
to a big push yesterday and today
they have gone up a bit:
Team Pam: 81%
Team Karen: 19%

To help Team Karen visualize
and develop a plan of attack,
here is a graph with sales data
captured over the last few days.

11/22/06 6:10pm:
Hooray! After a delay at the
printers, which had us feeling
mildly anxious, we just got the
first huge batch of shirts in
and were told that the next huge
batch would be in right away.
Whew. So tonight, and after
turkey tomorrow we'll be
spending our time packing
envelopes. Thanks very much
to everyone who has ordered or
sent us words of encouragement.
We appreciate it to no end.

11/19/06 6:07pm:
After this weekend, here are the
stats on who is ahead:
Team Pam: 84%
Team Karen: 16%

Ouch. Looks like Team Karen took
a 10% dive. If you're on her side,
maybe now would be a good time
to fight back.

11/17/06 4:34pm:
We've heard requests for a running
tally of who is ahead in sales.
So here it is:
Team Pam: 74%
Team Karen: 26%

If you're on Team Karen, we think
you've got some representing to do.

11/17/06 3:31pm:
Another question: "How big do the
shirts run?" To that we say,"They
run about average, but maybe a
little bit big." Claire tried
on a medium yesterday and it
fit just like a t-shirt should.
(note: she has big boobs though)

11/17/06 2:12pm:
We've gotten a few questions if the
shirts are 100% cotton or not.
We can confirm that they are 100%
100% cotton, all the way.

11/16/06 6:28pm:
Thanks to everyone who has ordered
thus far. We started this out as a
complete lark and it's just taken
off. We had no idea. Anyway, we
realized that we needed to have
omewhere to update and give info,
answer questions, etc., so we'll
be doing that here.