Work for Hire

Hello! Do you need a writer? Perhaps I can write for you. I am proud to say I have contributed to publications like the Chicago TribuneWall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Timesthe A.V. ClubChicago Magazinethe AwlMcSweeney's Internet Tendencythe Daily Beast and a lot, lot more.

Amongst these publications I've written about televisionbookssportstravelweddingscollegesbabiesteenagersfoodalcoholcelebritiesnormal people and ghosts. Publications that seem to value voice or humor and I frequently work well together.

I have also written or contributed to several books, appeared on numerous podcasts and radio spots, guest blogged for other publications, hostedread at or produced reading series and taught in person or remotely. And I'm willing to try even more stuff. Here you can find some of my selected publications and here you can find all of my clips, even the old things that are a little embarrassing.

If you need a writer, I may be your person. Drop me a line: I'd love to talk.

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