About Claire

My name is Claire Zulkey and I’m a writer who lives in Chicago. Thanks for coming by.

I started this blog in 2002 as a means to archive my freelance writing and entertain myself and my friends and maybe get my name out there. Originally largely humor-based, over the years it’s also come to encompass topics like creative writing, travel, pop culture and motherhood. I also do a lot of interviews. I don’t like to get too specific or too serious unless of course when I do.

Other facts about me:

I was born in 1979 on Easter Sunday. My birthday is not on Easter Sunday every year but it is on tax day almost every year.

I was raised in Evanston, IL, attended Georgetown University for my bachelors degree and Northwestern University for my masters. I also graduated from the Second City writing workshop.

I run a literary humor reading series called Funny Ha-Ha that I originally began with YA superstar John Green.

I am married to filmmaker Steve Delahoyde. He is tall and I am short but somehow we make it work. In 2012 we had a baby named Paul.

Geraldo Rivera once asked me if I had oral herpes (I did not.) Anderson Cooper once told me I looked “kempt” when I expressed worry that I appeared “un-.”

In 2009 I published a Young Adult novel which I’m very proud of.

I am a freelance writer but I also hold down day jobs because I like consistency and security. Please don’t ask me how I “do it” because if I think about it too hard I will fall down. Currently I’m a writer and editor for the University of Chicago and enjoy it very much. But I will always consider new things so please go check out my work for hire page if you want to know more about that.

I would be nothing without the support of my fellow writer friends and hence I try to pass on what I’ve learned when asked but my favorite questions about the world of writing are specific and ideally won’t take too long to answer. As much as I would love to help you I probably don’t have time to read your manuscript. I also feel like I learned a frustratingly small amount about the publishing world based on my experience as a writer so if you’re going to ask me how you publish your book, I will probably direct you to other sources.

I am allergic to bee stings and can touch my tongue to my nose. If you are making me dinner I don’t really care for green peppers, black olives (kalamata are OK), salmon, nut-based desserts, stinky cheese or fennel. But I’ll still eat if you make it.

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