The Awl:
"A Glossary Of Scientific Terms As Compiled By The GOP Candidates"

Gaper's Block: The Critic: Spelt (a review of a fictional band's fictional album)

The Hairpin: "Family Budget Items We Could Spend the $48,000 Value of an Oscar Gift Bag On"

Happywoman Magazine:

L.A. Times: " 'Dexter': Deb's dating service"

McSweeney's Internet Tendency:

Modern Humorist: "Girl Gone Wild: Highlights from Future Episodes of the Anna Nicole Smith Show"

The Morning News: "The Arthur Andersen Trial: Not as Boring as it Seems"

Parents: Stuff I swear by 


The Toast:  The Sixteen Stages of Reading Something Mean Someone Wrote About You In Response To Something You Wrote Online

WTTW/PBS Chicago: A sketch I wrote called Bazer Box, parodying the subscription box trend. 

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