This Target dress is my summer everything (and other dumb headlines that are better)

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FullSizeRenderdress.jpgThe last three or four summers of my life have been superlative and I really think it's all about this Target dress.

It's the Merona brand, which is, basically, the Eileen Fisher of Target, let's not kid ourselves, but I'm fine with that. You youngsters can have your Mossimo. The dress has this elastic waist that hits me right at the exact place so that if I'm having a skinny week the dress is extra flattering but if not, it's also kinda forgiving. I found it to be an excellent postpartum dress. 

The dress is exceedingly comfortable. Now, the privilege that I have to check is that of my non 9-5 life. I don't think you could wear these dresses to the office. But they are great for doing stuff around town or as a thing to wear to the pool and after or even just casual dinner at a place where you might spill guacamole on yourself. The dresses go great with flip flops and make me want to get a tan. They come in inoffensive semi-preppy stripes and solids. I could sleep in one comfortably.

The downside is that because they're Target, they don't last forever if you wear them as much as I do. Two summers and that's about it. But that's why I stock up on one or two every summer. I get lowkey excited about what the new stripe color combination will be each year. 

We were talking about caftans and shawls in this Facebook group I'm in (it's full of witches, naturally) and as much as I really want to lounge around in such things I look kinda nuts in them. But these dresses give me the confidence and comfort I think is at the heart of a good caftan, wouldn't you say? 

Anyway this is an unsolicited review. If I were smart I would be one of those bloggers who got paid a lot of money/paid a lot of dresses for this stuff but I'm not so you'll just have to trust that when I take the time out of my day to praise a $20 dress, I do it because I really love it.