They should include men in People Magazine's "What I Eat In A Day."

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EatJayZ.jpgFacts about me:

  1. I subscribe to People Magazine. Receiving it is truly the highlight of my week. It means that on Saturday morning, if all goes well, I will lie in bed with Steve and the boys and read it while I drink coffee. Eventually the kids start running around or fighting or clamoring to watch TV and Steve and I give up and go downstairs and have breakfast but for awhile that is a nice thing that happens.

  2. I love the part of People where a celebrity says what she eats in a day and a nutritionist weighs in on how perfect they are at eating. Most of the time it makes me feel better about myself because their lives are so tedious. I hate salmon and that seems to be a big part of what they eat. Sometimes you catch someone who pretty much kinda eats three snacks plus one small meal per day. I don't find it aspirational although every now and then I think "This celebrity and I could possibly be friends" (usually the ones that drink.) But I do find it funny that the nutritionist nearly always has a suggestion on how they can do better, usually by adding more fiber or protein or a tiny treat to feel human. 

  3. My friend Dawn is often the dietitian in this section. I find this thrilling, seriously. She used to be MY dietitian so basically in a lot of ways it's ME weighing in on what Julianne Hough eats in a day. Also Dawn is great at the job; I think she is more positive than previous dietitians. Typical Dawn!

  4. I really want to know when a man is going to appear in this section. I have never seen it happen (although I cannot confirm whether it has ever happened.) Obviously I think it's immensely sexist that a woman but not a man can be broken down in this way, quantified and examined and judged. So a man should take part too, to make things equal. But also, aren't you curious? Don't you want to know what Terry Crewes eats in a day? Or Danny Devito? Or Jay-Z? (Of course you don't want to know any more than you want to know what any of the other starlets eat in a day but still--do the guys eat as much salmon??)

  5. I have made my desire known to Dawn but I realize that she can only do so much on her end. If she doesn't want to rock the boat, I don't blame her. Which is why I'm taking this camaign public. Include A Man In People Magazine's 'What I Eat In A Day' Section. Thank you.