Q: Would this be funny? Answer yes or yes.

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Claire_Zulkey_Middleouest_Magazine_Midwest (1).jpgOn Friday I set up an in-person interview with someone (FYI when you are a full time writer about 40% of your time is setting up interviews). She and I would meet at Starbucks, and we'd never met before. Usually I describe to people what I look like before we meet in real life but that's also sort of weird to me when our online lives are so visually driven so I sent her a link to a photo of me. That might be weird, I don't know.

But while I was looking for the most recent image I found this drawing my friend Lila did of me last year. She was a resident at the Ragdale last summer and I sat for her which was delightful--I got to catch up with my old friend, I got to see Ragdale for the first time, and I was a MODEL which was very flattering. Prince had recently died and so she played his music and we chatted and I worked. It was lovely. 

Anyway while I was looking for a very recent photo of myself I found the sketch that Lila did of me. I love this drawing and thought about what a fun couple of days that was and then for a second thought about sending my interview subject the drawing of me and how weird that would seem: "Here's what I look like" and then to have an illustration, not a photo attached. In a funny way. Maybe it's not that funny. Or is it?