My startup idea--crowdfunding crowdsourcing

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I'm always amazed by the questions people will kick out to a giant audience rather than just asking a few trusted sources, or doing some light research, or just going with your own gut. I've also noticed that there is a vague competition amongst those who participate in crowd-sourcing, like, you know deep down that your answer is much more legit and helpful than everybody else's. The only thing missing is some sort of little award, a pat on the head or a tiny medal, to recognize the winner of the crowdsource (but let's face it I bet that 90% of all crowdsourced questions get independently resolved without the internet's help.) 

Here is my idea--to monetize crowdsourcing both for the askers and the repliers. First, nobody should be allowed to post a crowdsourcing question without some sort of fee. After all when you say something like "I'm going to go buy a pint of ice cream tomorrow: what kind should I get?" you should recognize that you probably just asked for about a cumulative hour's worth of time from other people and thus pay a tax for that. Let's say a dollar.

Then, the person whose answer you select should be rewarded. This will discourage off-topic answers ("I don't eat ice cream therefore you should have a piece of fruit instead") and repeats. Someone should receive some sort of recognition for the best answer. Let's say two dolalrs. 

And that's it! My only concern about my startup is that people might not want to start paying for something that they already get for free but I bet if I give it some cool name ("Crwdsrcr") and get somebody on a podcast to mention it it'll become a big thing. 

So let me know your thoughts. Should I get "Crwdsrcer" off the ground? Also, where is the best place to buy jorts for this summer? Also, what's the best song on the "Hamilton" soundtrack? And, what should I get my son for his birthday? And, what should I eat for dinner? Go!