My Dance Dance Party Party Mix for March 2017

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splash.jpgI DJ'ed Dance Dance Party Party last week--these were the songs that I was in the mood to, if you need some music.

I don't know if I would have considered this a dance song until I saw the video, and the weirdness of the choreography really charmed me.


I wasn't planning on buying the new Lady Gaga album but then my friend Erica sent it to me and I listened to it on a grouchy day and it, as the kids say, gave me life.

Kid Sister does great workout music but this song is especially dear to my heart due the video. People who don't know Chicago probably think this is some tourist trap or something but it's something everybody goes to.

I just like this song. It's cute. It's a new "Let's Get Physical," how can you resist?

I love watching this video of Benny the Bull with Paul which is how I became familiar with this song. I honestly thought it was a '70's funk/disco tune until I realized to some consternation that it is Jamiroquai and is not called "Candy in My Heels." I put it on in the kitchen a few weeks ago after a couple of glasses of wine and Paul and I danced around to it while James went "Mommy--dance!"

As with many Katy Perry songs I listened to this and went "Eh this isn't that great" and then listened to it 50 more times and bought the tune.

You like this song, admit it. Listen to the whole thing before you say no.

"Help I'm Alive" is sort of a mantra for 2017.

This song is so, so stupid. And yet I paid money for it.

It's a song that commands you to dance and commends booties of all sizes.

Paul and I were re-watching the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show--I had fond memories of that night in general--there was a huge snowstorm and he and I were the only ones at home because our party guests couldn't make it and even Steve was out working so it was just our little Super Bowl party only I got to eat all the snacks. I remembered loving the Katy Perry performance (I might have cried d/t/ pregnancy)  but I forgot how amazing it was when Missy Elliott started performing, especially this song.

Annie Lenox is a goddess in this video. I never realized what a good dance song it is until I saw this video and her stomping around in it.