What to do when you have to get a 5 year old a Star Wars toy and you do not live in a Star Wars household

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When Paul was born, my friends Justin and Julie came by with their son Miles to bring us fancy donuts and gifts. One of these was a Star Wars alphabet book, which Miles patiently went over in great detail with me. I laughed and set the book aside. I didn't like Star Wars (and Steve had fond childhood memories of it but wasn't one of those obsessed adults) so obviously Paul wouldn't either!

Well, joke's on me. I still don't like Star Wars but that hasn't stopped Paul and even James--here's him identifying "D2" and "guy" (IE a stormtrooper):

You can't fight city hall, it turns out. Anyway, a few days ago my friend Claire, who has two daughters, emailed me for help. Her daughter was invited to a boy's 5th birthday party and learned that he liked Star Wars. Claire's kids are not into Star Wars so she asked what a 5 year old boy might like, Star Wars-wise. I banged this email out in about two minutes, to my chagrin. But perhaps my reluctant knowledge can help you, if you too are looking for "a Star Wars gift" for a little kid but don't know where to start.

If you hate the parents, then get him a light saber (great for hitting everybody!). Otherwise I would recommend going with a Star Wars Lego kit (at the age/cost you want to spend) or a Star Wars costume. Paul has Kylo Ren (or is it Rylo Ken? Who cares) and he loves it. Also dress up wise Paul desperately wants this thing that his friend has. Paul has one of these beginning reader book box sets although his is about the Avengers, but I bet he would flip for this one. Finally, if they're stylish, J Crew has some Star Wars clothes that don't make me want to vomit although they're kinda pricey. I spent $60 on a child's  X Wing sweatshirt (I had a credit, in my defense). Also there are a loooot of Star Wars books. We have checked this one out of the library twice already.

Why is this my life??

In response, Claire wrote back, "Why is this MY life?" and sent me this video. I suppose I'll go to her when we go to a My Little Pony fan's party.