The guilty liberal obligatory asterisk

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To be included in all emails and texts moving forward:

"Hope this finds you well.*"

*"Well" considering everything that is going on in the country lately, with the acknowledgement that things are probably in reality a lot easier for you and me compared to other people in this country and in the world. By "well" I assume you are vexed by the current state of affairs but still can take the time and have the money to go get a treat at Starbucks. By "well" I figure you are doing your best to show through your words and deeds that you are politically active yet also trying to avoid taking on the oppressed role, because we're not actually oppressed, although we might be soon! Oh boy. Anyway, by "Well" I guess I mean big picture, that you are not unexpectedly in the hospital or unfairly accused of a felony or that your house is on fire. That's what I mean by "well."