A ringinging endorsement of St. Matthias school in Chicago

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Psst: I have 2 new stories on Mom.me this week: "Damn It!" What Happens When Kids Start Quoting Mom and Dad and "Why 1-Year-Olds Are the Worst Ever." Also, Steve and I were on WGN radio last night talking about what things are the worst with Justin Kaufmann! You can listen here.

A few weeks ago my friend Erica spotted this sign outside a Chicago school and made a copyediting comment about it on Twitter:

Then on Sunday, after an afternoon on the north side, I noticed this update on the drive back (but was unable to take a photo because I am nothing if not a responsible driver.) I later texted Erica to see if she had seen it, because it seemed almost as if the sign was put up just for her and indeed she had:


This just about made my month. Well played, St. Matthias. Well played.