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ddppJun16.jpgI DJ'ed at Dance Dance Party Party last night for the first time since becoming a mom of two. It had been so long since I last did it that I forgot to put my phone on airplane mode and so embarrassingly twice the jam was interrupted, once by an email alert, the other time by the alarm reminding me to put in a load of laundry. But it was good to get back--I thought I was too old to like new music anymore but I've been buying a lot lately, background music for my walks and runs and work time. This mix ended up being a little bit more slow jammy than I normally put together but I've also been listening to more moderate tempo music when I run, which keeps me from burning out. Hope you enjoy some of these tunes and do some dancing of your own.

This was one of my favorites from Blur's new album, which to me sounded like spiffed up old Blur, which is exacty what I want.

I read this was somebody's song of the summer on a Jezebel list. I'm not too good for some Pitbull.

This song feels very timely to me.

BØRNS is this little tiny 24 year old long haired baby-hippie-man with a high voice and I love him. He's like a protean mix of Motown and Freddie Mercury. My four-year-old really likes the part of this video where he turns into a skeleton.

Another from that song of the summer list that caught me.

I first heard this on Pandora before it was on the radio so I DISCOVERED THIS SONG. No really, it's fun like a James Bond theme.

I listen to this song when I run. It's very motivating. I do lots of air punches to it in my mind.

I also got this from the Jezebel "Songs of Summer" list.

I might have written a music video in my head for this song that involves a religious revival with snakes.

I love Santigold's music, especially for the way she writes so much about hard work and ambition.

Self-explanatory in its big-walking goodness.

6 Inch by Beyoncé
I did not expect to love "Lemonade" as much as I did. I like this dark and sexy ode to a hard-working lady.

This was once one of my favorite songs as a kid but "Gloria" and I hit a rough patch several years ago when I performed it in karaoke and I realized, in front of many close friends, that it is the wrong pitch for me. Fortunately that doesn't matter at DDPP.

The part where Ke$ha says "We're taking over. Get used to it," is what I hope to be singing on election night in November.

Another Pandora discovery--good for a cooldown song.