List: Watercraft I've been on this summer (and the good/bad parts of each experience)

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Lake Geneva Speedboat (Fabulous sunny mansion-watching/Eventually ended)

Lake Geneva Kayak (Enjoyed the lake and got some exercise/Wasn't a speedboat)

Kayak (Quality time with my dad exploring the Chicago River/Saw a floating dead rat and later got a rash)

Red Witch Tall Ship (Saw the Navy Pier fireworks and heard Lollapalooza from the lake/Drank an entire bottle of wine by myself because there it was there and I was on the boat for 3 hours)

Jetski (Fun as hell/Was informed by crabby friend that they're bad for the environment)

Rented Motorboat (Went tubing/Boat broke down and had to be towed in by someone on a jetski)