Most Unappealing Details About Paris Hilton's House as Told by InStyle Magazine. Also: Hilton is 30.

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"Hilton had an elaborate two-story doghouse built...the shelter features pink interiors, black chandeliers and even miniature chairs."

"Visitors to Paris Hilton's home are greeted at the front door by a sign emblazoned with the words, 'Princess Paris.'"

"She alights on a Tinker Bell place mat with a dazzling 3-D effect."

"Hilton absolutely adores mirrors. They even embellish her four-poster bed."

"She continues on to an impressive showroom filled with branded Paris Hilton merchandise."

"'Since Paris loves collecting girly toys, I designed mirrored étagère to show them off. Now she can view them from anywhere in her bedroom.'"

"She has a Sleeping Beauty castle in her dining room (it sits atop an ornate console)."

"My Little Pony toys prance next to teddy bears, fragrances, and dolls."

"'I'm not a kid anymore,' says Hilton."