How to Make the Bed While You're Still In It

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Typically, making the bed is my husband's job, as we have an unofficial "last man out makes the bed" policy, and he is typically said man. But about once a week he beats me out and I'm left with the task. Typically, this occurs on a weekend day where I'm feeling lazy and possibly slightly hungover (from thinking so hard during the week before). So here are my tips for the best way of making the bed without the unpleasant task of actually leaving the bed:

1.) Situate yourself in the middle of the bed. This way you have equidistant access to both sides of the bed.

2.) Fluff up the pillows behind you and put them in your preferred order.

3.) Sit up straight against the pillows, and straighten and smooth the covers out around you as needed.

4.) Fold back a triangular 'escape hatch.'

5.) Exit the bed.

6.) Fold back the escape hatch.

7.) If necessary, add any remaining pillows that you threw on the floor the night before.

Ta-da! You just got out of of bed and the bed is already made! Plus, you got to stay in bed as long as humanly possible. This clearly is going to be a great day. Treat yourself to some bacon.