A Mystery Solved

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As my husband can attest I've been a little out of sorts lately. A little crabby and listless and sigh-y.

I blamed it on a few things. The weather, which, no joke, has just been a depression machine this year in Chicago. The fact that I'm in-between big crazy projects. Maybe I'm just in a funk. Maybe I just sucked. The potential sucking then fueled the poopiness.

But guys, I figured it out. I was washing my hair in the shower yesterday when I made an amazing discovery. I had been using "Frizzy to smooth" Pantene shampoo for the last month.

Anybody who knows me that I am not a frizzy to smooth person. This shampoo promised to tame your wild thick hair. My hair is thin and limp. If anything I need body, not to tamp it down.

So it's no surprise that I haven't been feeling all that. Daily, I have been massaging a shampoo into my skull that's filled with depressants made for the follicles but that clearly have been seeping into my brain. The very properties that were supposed to improve my hair backfired, and caused a massive chain reaction.

Of course, I'm going to continue using this shampoo because, well, I bought it at Costco and I have enough to last me until September. But the point is that at least know where it's coming from.

Check your labels, people. You might be using the wrong shampoo as well and thinking it's your spouse or your job that's making you sad but you'd be wrong.

PS Happy birthday to my awesome mom, whom I love very much.